GOV.UK - BSF Leaseholder and Resident Service

Welcome to the Building Safety Fund Leaseholder and Resident Service

The Building Safety Fund (BSF) Leaseholder and Resident Service has been created to provide leaseholders and residents with access to information about their building's status in the BSF process.

You should use the building code that has been sent to you by post, or the code that has been provided to you by your building owner or managing agent, to access the Service. Please type the building code exactly as it is written.

While we have made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the data in this Service, the data should be used as a guide on where a building is in the BSF process.

The data in the Service is updated monthly so the status of buildings could change between monthly updates. Please contact your responsible entity (your building’s BSF applicant) for up-to-date information.

For further information on the BSF process and a glossary of terms, click on the links below. Please note you will also be able to find these documents if you click on the help button at the top of each page.

Please note, where the responsible entity has authorised a managing agent to act on their behalf, this organisation leads the application on a day-to-day basis. The managing agent is the primary contact for updates about the project’s progress.

Please also note that the building code and the information about your building should not be shared.

Enter the building code which you have been provided below (exactly as it is written)